Friday, August 14, 2009

Hit It

It's been an interesting little while. So much crazy stuff going on, all of which I can't talk about.

Oh hey, check it. Pink Mountaintops has a new video, directed by fellow Jew Shira Blustein. A few of my babe friends are in it:

The "lead singer," Deandra, is one of my most favourite girls alive. Her boobs almost turned me gay once. True story. The story ended with me crying, partly out of confusion and partly out of hilarity while Deandra laughed her horse, dry laugh, till she could barely breath. She's one of those rare gems who doesn't bullshit. Here's a picture of her at my best friend Chris' birthday:

Last night was the first night of Olio. My main man Nardwuar was part of an improv night where he went on stage and told his crazy stories and then some improv people interpreted them.

On the podcast front, I'm still working on a few things. Aiming to interview Paul Anthony next week and my friend who's intentionally homeless for the next six months. So keep checking back. I know you do anyways.


lyndsay said...

ohmigosh! i love that little graffiti sign dude. i just saw another one of those going over that bridgey thing to crab park.

"fellow jew"... heh heh.


Mish Way said...

The guy who does those is named Graham. He is this guy: