Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time Peace

I'm back from TO but I'm nowhere near to having a new episode up. I'm sure no one will be losing sleep over it but I put pressure on myself and don't feel too hot about it.

The TV making experience was overwhelming and surreal. Luckily, the director was very talented and made me feel at ease, during a point in my life where things were not the least bit peaceful. (A lot has happened since then and I'm in a different place, thankfully. Sorry to be'll all come out one day.) I don't think it'll ever be seen, thank goodness, but I'm planning on doing a bigger piece about the whole experience for a big broadcaster. So stay tuned.

Above we have a photo of my mum. It was an ad campaign for watches. My mum used to model...she's really beautiful. Anyhow, the photo hangs in my parent's basement and most of my friends who I grew up remember it vividly. Like, when I visit TO they ask if that watch picture of my mum still hangs in the basement. It's one of those images that burns into your brain. I love it. Simple concept visually, but what an impact, hey? What a fox.

So I had to edit this post because I was feeling incredibly depressed when I originally wrote it. I have to start making a valid effort when it comes to writing on this blog 'cause some things are happening now that I can't say too much about but they're exciting and basically, yeah, my writing has to be a bit snappier.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Episode 10 - Podcast Host special!

To listen to episode 10, click here.

On this episode I was lucky enough to get some stories from other podcast hosts who I admire. On this episode we speak with Drew and Dawn, Grant Lawrence of CBC Radio 3 and the hilarious and very kind Graham Clark of Stop Podcasting Yourself. I got them to share their most emo moments with me and I shared one was well.

Also, I talk about my experience in an Israeli army training camp I attended when I was 14(!). I've posted this before, but here's a picture of me shooting an M16, while I was there. Also on that trip, I was aquainted with a now-famous celebrity who was also sent on that same program.

There is a desperate lack of music and thank yous on this episode. I simply didn't have time to do the music, which bums me out. And I didn't get to thank Amber Webber and Josh Wells of Lightning Dust and their label for letting me use their song Wind Me Up with permission. So thanks! I'll be seeing them at the Bonnie Prince Billy show on Thursday. Yohay! Also thank you so much to my fellow podcast hosts that took the time to share their stories with me. It means the world to me!

I'm involved with some TV making tomorrow and I'm quite nervous so wish me luck!


So things have been really busy lately. Like, this weekend I planned to take some time out and relax before going to Toronto next week. And maybe do some cleaning. Then Vice asked me to do this thing and I agreed and it turned out miserably. Never in my professional career have I not accomplished what I was meant to accomplish. It seriously bummed me out.

Tomorrow I'm taking part in TV making, in which my life will be dissected. Don't ask. I'm feeling stressed out. I intend to document my taking part in reality TV so stay tuned for that.

I'm hoping to work on a short episode 10 today but it depends on a lot of things. If things come together, it'll be a special segment devoted to other podcast hosts, including Drew and Dawn and Grant Lawrence.

In the meantime, here's an article I wrote about cock snobs. Seriously, don't get mad at me, male species. I just wrote the thing.

Oh you know what's better than gaung to help numb you when you're feeling depressed? This. I don't have a TV and they had season four in the free box at work. It's seriously the best medication if you want to tune out from the world and focus on something else. Like American chavs and wags. But replace the strapping footballers with your grandfather's older brother.