Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Episode Nine - The Chris Smith Experience

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Do you like music? Yes? Well that's great news because we've got some music on this episode.

My friends introduced me to Christopher Smith and told me he was a talented musician. I went on their word and decided to feature him on the podcast. I gave his music a listen and was very impressed. It reminds me of a striped down version of the Hidden Cameras. Anyhow, I feel very lucky to be able to be one of the first places to broadcast his stuff. His album will be released on Boompa in the near future.

Also on this episode, I sat down with a good friend of mine (and former co-worker)to talk about her experience covering the war in Afghanistan.

Recently, I attended a big hair party. My friend Scott Smith documented the night. This is the result:

Oh, and a HUGE congrats to Aaron Beckum, who got a sweet internship in LA with the Directors Bureau. Some of my favourite filmmakers are part of that group so, yeah. Mind blowing. Couldn't have gone to a more deserving person. This is only the beginning...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Episode Eight

To listen to episode eight, click here.

First off, some good and bad news. The good news is that the man behind P3's music, the amazingly talented Aaron Beckum, is really busy these days. He does a bunch of stuff, which you can learn about on his website. So that means he won't be able to work on the podcast for now. Bummer! I'm so very grateful for all the work he put into this project...I wish I could express how blown away I am by his talent. The podcast won't be the same without him. But not to fret...he'll likely be involved in some way in future episodes and I plan on doing a feature on him and his music some time soon.

Here's a picture of him and his beautiful wife Ang (in the middle), looking dapper at a Big Hair party we attended recently.

My dear friend Stacey spent an hour and a half on my hair and makeup that night so I felt compelled to post a picture of the hard work she put into that.

On this episode we have two stories:

That's Europe - A year ago, I spent the month of April in Berlin, visiting my ex-boyfriend who was living there at the time. I sat him down to reminisce about the time we visited a place called the Liquidrom. It was a very bizarre and unsettling experience. Warning: There is lots of nudity in this piece.

Breakdown Make Up
- It's amazing what comes out when you're getting your makeup done. This story shares a few examples of that.

On the topic of ex-boyfriends, I got to interview one of mine for Vice. Click here to have a look. Ben Frey is not only a good friend and talented artist but he's also the guy who created this podcast's logo.

What do you all think about being friends with an ex? Yay or nay? I'm yay for the most part, though I suppose it depends on each person. The only two ex's I'm not friends with are the two I happened to be in love with...strange how things work.

Next episode should have an interview with a local artist I recently discovered that really blows my brains. So stay tuned for that.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Episode Seven - Free of Script!

To listen to episode seven, click here.

Ever question yourself? You know, where you wonder what the hell you're doing with your life and you question if you'll ever amount to anything, especially the exceptionally high standards you set yourself. Well, if you can relate, listen to this episode and be inspired.

There are two stories by two remarkable people.

Bombastically Canadian
- In this story, my friend (who's a TV personality) talks about what it's like to be a white, gay, Jamaican who was raised in Canada.

- This is the story about one woman who lost everything and what it took to start over again.

On this episode, I totally freestyled it. You see, I've worked in broadcast for a while, the hard news kind of stuff where when you project your voice, you have to sound professional. When I've been doing this podcast, which is very much my thing, I've had a hard time projecting my voice. Do I want to sound authoritative, like I've always been trained to sound? Or do I want to be me? So I tried it without a script for the first time. I hope it gets easier. Please tell me if you notice a difference. I'd love to hear your feedback.

A few more items to touch upon: I'm looking for musicians who want to share their music and their stories. Ideally in Vancouver. So if you'd like to share your (unlicensed) music with me, get in touch.

Also, I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who's felt compelled to share their stories with me, on the podcast and otherwise. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. My goal with P3 was to inspire people with storytelling and that's what seems to be happening. So let's keep it rolling. If you like what we do, tell everyone you know. Storytelling is important to people. It does a lot more than most people realize. It's a beautiful thing.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Episode Six

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Now that Aaron's back, we are back on track. And it feels so good. It feels so right.

Hey guess what? We got some more press. The local blog Beyond Robson wrote a wee little blurb. Yah!

Oh and check it:

We were actually #1 for a day but I didn't think to take a screen grab. So you'll have to trust me on that one. But #2 ain't so bad either. I'm in good company. (Thank you so much to Katie Lapi for being a wiz at graphic design.)

So let's get down to business. On this episode, we've got two stories:

We've All Been Scammed Before - Some of my friends share stories about getting scammed.

Articulating Bravery - A friend of mine built up the courage to go seek help for some of her issues. When she finally met with a therapist, she was thrown off by an unexpected surprise.

In that particular piece, the word "handicapped" is used several times when referring to someone with disabilities. Can someone tell me if that word is considered offensive or derogatory? Because I honestly don't know.

And the song at the end of the piece is called "Another Intervention" and it was written and performed by the wonderful and talented Aaron Beckum.

Get in touch or leave a comment. Our email address is

I'd love to hear your worst scam story - either getting scammed or scamming someone else. Or get in touch just to say hi. We love dialogue!