Monday, June 29, 2009

My life is incredibly post-modern

Here are some pictures of that day I sort of took part in that reality TV thing. I spend a lot of time making fun of people on reality TV so it was a very bizarre experience. I'm doing a piece on it (eventually) so you'll hear all one day. You'll also probably hear a lot about the whole concept in the next year or so. Despite it being a total fucking head trip, I'm really proud to be part of something so inspiring. The end result is going to be amazing. The fellow in the middle photo, Keith Behrman, is one heck of a talented director.

The next episode will be a little while longer since I just moved into my new place. Hung my first painting all on my own with a drill and everything (with some serious guidance.) The space is pretty amazing. Actually, make that super amazing. I will be taking full advantage of my backyard and patio. It's been ages since I've lived in anything other than an apartment. It's magic.

But the next episode will be about going crazy and the different ways it can happen. Really juicy stuff.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Vice outtake

The fabulous Niki Kendall and I spent a hellish day driving around the Lower Mainland looking for pawn shop people to talk to for Vice. What we learned was that people in pawn shops don't want to talk, much less have a photo taken, much less have to sign a release form. Our hard work and efforts are printed in the latest issue of Vice. I thought I'd post what I thought was a brilliant interview that didn't get published 'cause the fellow wouldn't let us take his photo. But imagine a large grumpy Russian guy...

Grumpy Russian guy who works at pawn shop who also didn’t want to give his name. He said he wasn’t the owner but another Russian guy from another pawn shop said he was lying to us and was in fact the owner.

Russian Guy: I have accent. I no want to talk.

Vice: I understand accents very well. So has there ever been people who come in that seem weird and you didn’t want to buy their stuff?

There’s lots of stuff we no buy because we can’t resell.

Like what?

Electronics. You buy today computer four times as much, after two months the computer in store cost two thousand dollar.

Right, uh ok. What’s the most popular item people are buying right now?

What they buying? They no buying nothing. People have no money to buy nothing.

So no one’s buying anything?

You see people in the store?

How many people come in a day?

You see people in the store? I think I give good information.

I’ve never been in a pawn shop before so I’m trying to understand how they work.

Well now you’ve been in pawn shop.

Yeah it’s exciting! It’s exciting! You’ve worked here for 15 years, why did you want to work here?

Where I have to work? I’m a very old guy to work different place.

What’s your dream job?

No dream.

You have no dreams?

I dream to go home.

Back to Russian?

To go home.



And what do you have at home?

To see my wife. That what I want to do. (Smiles for the first time in the conversation. Then a customer came in.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 12 - The Bogus Tokus Experience

To listen to Episode 12, click here To read the coinciding Vice article, click here.

WARNING: I'm not trying to alienate my audience who doesn't enjoy thrash or skateboarding. Just listen to this episode the whole way through. These guys are great storytellers.

So, people in East Vancouver tend to enjoy thrash, I think it's safe to say. One band that's really getting people excited these days is Bogus Tokus. To those unfamiliar with them, it's made up of members of Adelaide, STREETS and Pride Tiger, Heavy Feather and Lord Beginner, Featherwolf and some other ones. I sat down with Mapee and Colin McKill one warm afternoon in my kitchen to discuss a variety things including, but not limited to...

- Ambition.
- CMJ mascara bands.
- Stealing Jokes.
- The first Lolapalloza
- A dub band inspired by Minor Threat called Minor Spliff.
- The new Children skateboards put out by Bummer High (if anyone has a picture of these fuckers, please send one my way:
- This movie:

- Homemade stunts.

- One of the worst night of my life...
- ...which involved my ex trying to land Gassy Jack and eating shit:

- The concept for the new Bison t-shirts.

Big hugs to Mapee and Colin for giving a great interview. Mad love. Those boys are funny.

It will be a while till the next podcast 'cause I'm living out of boxes and such while I move to my new mature, adult home. Can't wait till that's over and done with.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Episode Up To 11

To listen to episode 11, click here.

So I hope this embed works. If it does, this is how I feel sometimes:

I'm going through some stuff right now (like the teen boy crying at his computer) but I don't really know how deep I want to delve into it (like his father getting mad at him for doing so.)(I don't know what the keyboard cat represents. Maybe my ongoing quest for a peaceful balance?) I generally don't have much to hide but I'm hoping to channel what I'm going through into something creative that will reach a larger audience. So in the meantime I'll hold off. Basically, I want to invest my crazy emotional life experiences in a more productive and creative way then the fellow in the video posted above.

Anyhow, I wish I could be more consistent with posting P3 but life's gotten in the way. And this month is going to be crazy too. I'm moving out of the place I've been in for the last three and a half years. I've totally outgrown it. My current place is very loud. (As an aside, I sound like I've recorded myself in a can of empty beans on this episode because I did my intro and extro in my bathroom, since my apartment is super loud now that all the windows are open due to the heat. The acoustics in my bathroom aren't the greatest.) This place has been very good to me but I needed something a little more mature and I was lucky enough to find something pretty sweet. But enough about me (at least for now.)

On this episode I talk to two beautiful actress friends of mine. Ali Liebert talks about moving to LA for pilot season and the roommate she was paired up with upon arrival. The second chat is with Rukiya Bernard, who tells me about her experience being a black actress in Vancouver.

Okay back to me. Here's some pictures of my trip to TO last month.

This is Sonja Ahlers in front of an run-down cash outlet with some of the most non-ironic artwork I've seen in a while. Who don't need cash? Raise a hand please.

This is the unflappable and ultra-stylish Jess Way. She's one of those girls that you can't get enough of 'cause her energy is infectious. I could use some of her right about now.

I ran into my dear, old friend Catto while she was putting up art for her first solo show at a fancy hip gallery. I ended up attending and it was a success! The fact that she failed to apply for a liquor license (they take 10 days to process) didn't ruin the evening in the slightest. Her art is that good! (And she found a loophole and served liquor anyhow. )

My dad took me to this marble temple out in the middle of nowhere. It was a wonderful day spent with the man I love, respect and admire the most in the world. (Well, after Ludacris. And Danny Bonaduce, of course. Oh, and the midget actor from Seinfeld.)

I also got to check out the AGO, which is a masterpiece. Gehry did not disappoint. (Unlike the other guy. Ugh.)

Going up.

And down. (Naw, that's just an excuse to post a picture of my favourite shoes. And some borderline camel toe.)

Seriously. The pricey admission is worth it.

What else? Oh, I interviewed two of the funniest comedians around Vancouver for Vice.

Lightning Dust will be playing a show put on by Lifetime on June 16th. They'll be playing with Ladyhawk and a very special guest that I'm sure most people already know about (Hint: They're from Guelph.) Lifetime do great things and are good people. I think I'm helping out at the door for that one.

What do I have in store for upcoming episodes? New music and interviews with Lisa Joyce Parry, Bogus Tokus (former members of STREETS and some other party bands I forget the names of...I guess you'll find out when I interview them) and an interview with a girl who went crazy on her boyfriend and read his diary. Has that happened to you? It's happened to me. Four times. With the same ex. So stay tuned!