Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Episode 12 - The Bogus Tokus Experience

To listen to Episode 12, click here To read the coinciding Vice article, click here.

WARNING: I'm not trying to alienate my audience who doesn't enjoy thrash or skateboarding. Just listen to this episode the whole way through. These guys are great storytellers.

So, people in East Vancouver tend to enjoy thrash, I think it's safe to say. One band that's really getting people excited these days is Bogus Tokus. To those unfamiliar with them, it's made up of members of Adelaide, STREETS and Pride Tiger, Heavy Feather and Lord Beginner, Featherwolf and some other ones. I sat down with Mapee and Colin McKill one warm afternoon in my kitchen to discuss a variety things including, but not limited to...

- Ambition.
- CMJ mascara bands.
- Stealing Jokes.
- The first Lolapalloza
- A dub band inspired by Minor Threat called Minor Spliff.
- The new Children skateboards put out by Bummer High (if anyone has a picture of these fuckers, please send one my way:
- This movie:

- Homemade stunts.

- One of the worst night of my life...
- ...which involved my ex trying to land Gassy Jack and eating shit:

- The concept for the new Bison t-shirts.

Big hugs to Mapee and Colin for giving a great interview. Mad love. Those boys are funny.

It will be a while till the next podcast 'cause I'm living out of boxes and such while I move to my new mature, adult home. Can't wait till that's over and done with.


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