Monday, June 29, 2009

My life is incredibly post-modern

Here are some pictures of that day I sort of took part in that reality TV thing. I spend a lot of time making fun of people on reality TV so it was a very bizarre experience. I'm doing a piece on it (eventually) so you'll hear all one day. You'll also probably hear a lot about the whole concept in the next year or so. Despite it being a total fucking head trip, I'm really proud to be part of something so inspiring. The end result is going to be amazing. The fellow in the middle photo, Keith Behrman, is one heck of a talented director.

The next episode will be a little while longer since I just moved into my new place. Hung my first painting all on my own with a drill and everything (with some serious guidance.) The space is pretty amazing. Actually, make that super amazing. I will be taking full advantage of my backyard and patio. It's been ages since I've lived in anything other than an apartment. It's magic.

But the next episode will be about going crazy and the different ways it can happen. Really juicy stuff.

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