Sunday, May 24, 2009

Time Peace

I'm back from TO but I'm nowhere near to having a new episode up. I'm sure no one will be losing sleep over it but I put pressure on myself and don't feel too hot about it.

The TV making experience was overwhelming and surreal. Luckily, the director was very talented and made me feel at ease, during a point in my life where things were not the least bit peaceful. (A lot has happened since then and I'm in a different place, thankfully. Sorry to be'll all come out one day.) I don't think it'll ever be seen, thank goodness, but I'm planning on doing a bigger piece about the whole experience for a big broadcaster. So stay tuned.

Above we have a photo of my mum. It was an ad campaign for watches. My mum used to model...she's really beautiful. Anyhow, the photo hangs in my parent's basement and most of my friends who I grew up remember it vividly. Like, when I visit TO they ask if that watch picture of my mum still hangs in the basement. It's one of those images that burns into your brain. I love it. Simple concept visually, but what an impact, hey? What a fox.

So I had to edit this post because I was feeling incredibly depressed when I originally wrote it. I have to start making a valid effort when it comes to writing on this blog 'cause some things are happening now that I can't say too much about but they're exciting and basically, yeah, my writing has to be a bit snappier.

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