Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And cut

Above is a picture of two of my closest girl friends, Lizzie and Natalie. They are my British birds. Two of the most beautiful women I know. We hadn't hung out together in a while, cause well Natalie is busy raising two beautiful children (she just gave birth a few months ago) and Lizzie is busy studying to be an animal doctor and I'm busy living like a 22-year-old. Anyhow, they make me happy.

I wrote this for Vice about two talented young fellas. Actually, they're really talented and I feel bad I didn't get a chance to stress that more in the article. But visit their website or check out their shows to see for yourself. I really love writing for Vice because they give me full creative feedom and let me write whatever I want and my editor believes in me and pushes me and I usually end up exposing way more of myself than I want but I'm a slave to my craft. In a good way. I always feel really weird and exposed after an article is published because so much is left to be interpreted. I mean, I'm writing satire and a lot of it is juiced up for entertainment but at the same time, my name is attached to it and a lot of people don't get it. Like my dad. I recently did an interview with this up and coming animator (actually I wrote about him for Vice a while back) who worked on children's animation for a long time and then did this thing for Spike and Mike. I asked if that's affected his career in any way. He said his reputation is built on professionalism and work ethic more then content. I've been thinking about that a lot lately.

My interview fell through tonight so the podcast won't be out for a little while. I spent a lot of time in Richmond today, shopping for my apartment, so at least I'm being productive.

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