Sunday, September 27, 2009

(Mini) Episode 17

To listen to Episode 17 of the People's Program Project click here.

On this short episode, I talk about being called a whore and the conclusion I came to justifying it. I also spend a few minutes talking
about my friend Zoë Verkuylen Blilie. She's a woman of many hats, and also a good friend of mine. Which is awesome. She happens to be one of the strongest, most positive women I know.

I met her years ago after doing a thingy for CBC Radio 3 about her band Red Light Sting. We became fast friends and started watching Top Model together every Wednesday. When I was going through a bad breakup, she'd regularly take me swimming at Eileen Dailly out in Burnaby. She's also a former gymnast and coach, and once took me to this bouncy gym that's full of stunt people just hanging out, practicing stunts. It was super fun, except I jarred my back within five minutes. Here's a picture of Zoë doing her thing:

Anyhow, she's since moved to Seattle and continues to do amazing things. Some of these things include tour managing TV on the Radio and managing Sebastian Grainger. But the project I'm most excited about finds her behind the mic in a studio out in LA. She somehow managed to score a co-hosting position on a delightful radio show called Left In La, alongside David Cousin. They're really fun to listen to and I suggest you tune in. The first episode has Tunde Adebimpe, of TV on the Radio, and their second episode has thespian and songstress Scartlett Johansson. So be sure to listen to Left In La. It's really fun and Zoë and David's positivity is infectious.

Also, Zoë has a great blog, which features tour photos and other fun stuff.

I don't think I've ever been busier (or more stressed) than I am right now. Luckily I took a few days out to decompress before I throw myself back into it. In that time, I checked out some of the Vancouver Comedyfest. Some highlights included:

*Watching a heckler think he could piss off Todd Barry at the Vogue and Mr. Barry, along with the whole audience, tearing the moron a new one.

*Giving Paul F. Tompkins a guided historic tour of Granville Street.

*Reggie Watts' coke comedown "song."

*These girls, my hopefully new best friends, singing this song.

*Picnicface, in general.

*Local boy Taz VanRassel holding his own among some big players, including this guy from the Office and this fellow, from 30 Rock.

Oh, and I'm looking to interview someone with Tourettes Syndrome. It's research for my book. So if you'd like to share your experience having the syndrome, please get in touch.

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