Sunday, September 13, 2009

Episode 16 - The Paul Anthony Experience

To listen to Episode 16 of the People's Program Project, click here!

Paul Anthony is a actor, "singer" and host of Talent Time. Here are some links to things we talked about on this podcast episode...

  • Here's a video of the Candy Girls Cabaret, performed without irony, which is aok!

  • When Paul is asking me if I seduced comedian Ryan LaChance, he's referring to this article, which features an interview I did for Vice with our friend (and my favourite comedian) Phil Hanley.
  • Here's a video for the movie SUCK. There are quite a few big names in it but Paul plays a lead role. It apparently is getting a lot of press at the Toronto Film Festival.

  • Fred and Sharon, who are real and genuine. I interviewed them for the Canadian Press. (Though I can't find the article anywhere online.)

On a personal note, I've been busy making the most of the end of summer and working on some contracts and freelance and stuff. This week I'm starting a course so no more fun party times for me, or at least a scaled back version. I went to Harrison Hot Springs earlier this week for a last minute getaway. I would highly recommend it, especially if you're from Vancouver. It's so darn close. Lovely place, lovely people and the hot springs are magical. Except for the adult pool, in which couples who are lovingly floating each other around on their backs give anyone trying to reenact So You Think You Can Dance dirty looks. Here's the view from our room:

There's some exciting news I'd like to share but can't just yet. So stay tuned.

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