Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Episode Six

Click here to listen to episode six.

Now that Aaron's back, we are back on track. And it feels so good. It feels so right.

Hey guess what? We got some more press. The local blog Beyond Robson wrote a wee little blurb. Yah!

Oh and check it:

We were actually #1 for a day but I didn't think to take a screen grab. So you'll have to trust me on that one. But #2 ain't so bad either. I'm in good company. (Thank you so much to Katie Lapi for being a wiz at graphic design.)

So let's get down to business. On this episode, we've got two stories:

We've All Been Scammed Before - Some of my friends share stories about getting scammed.

Articulating Bravery - A friend of mine built up the courage to go seek help for some of her issues. When she finally met with a therapist, she was thrown off by an unexpected surprise.

In that particular piece, the word "handicapped" is used several times when referring to someone with disabilities. Can someone tell me if that word is considered offensive or derogatory? Because I honestly don't know.

And the song at the end of the piece is called "Another Intervention" and it was written and performed by the wonderful and talented Aaron Beckum.

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I'd love to hear your worst scam story - either getting scammed or scamming someone else. Or get in touch just to say hi. We love dialogue!

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Anonymous said...

hiii, yeah, since it stems from cap-in-hand (connoting begging, etc.), handicapped isn't the best of terms, but it also isn't the worst.