Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That's Right

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It has been a while, hasn't it? I have been busier than ever and out of town so no hard feeling, alright?

Something very exciting is scheduled to happen either this week or next so stay tuned.

No podcast for a while longer but soon enough. I'm co-organizing a storytelling night at Little Mountain with some really great storytellers (myself included) on Dec. 1st but I'll promote that in more details when it's a little more organized. It's a-coming.

Ok, first off, our friends at Vancouver Is Awesome are doing a donation drive. Please consider donating 'cause they are, well, awesome. Very posicore, very community focused, very supportive. Awesome all around. Do it. Give them some money.

Next, we have some photos of my trip to NYC. It was very different than other trips - I was dealing with some internal emo issues, but luckily had some wonderful moments. Including...

Seeing my dear friend Sue and her wittle bacon-ette, Lucy. This wee little thing knows how to ask for crackers and drum sticks (as in the musical instrument, not the food) in sign language. She seriously knows how to drum. At 18 months. Not only is it incredibly cute but incredibly impressive.

Going to Rice to Riches, which is one of my favourite places on earth. I have a thing for rice pudding. They have a whole variety of flavours. It's worth a trip every few years.

Seeing my NYC friends, including my dear friend Bob. He's one of my favourite people of all time. I've known him for 10 years and it's always a blast of good vibes every single time I see him, regardless of how long it's been. Hanging out with him is a failsafe method to happiness. Also, his production company is putting out some very satisfying programming. Worth investing in cable for.

This girl is amazing. I spent a lot of time with her this time around and couldn't have asked for a better host. I found myself at very interesting, happening events that I wouldn't have otherwise. She also convinced me to get a $7.50 manicure, which was the best thing I could have ever done. (We'll get to that.)
Rachel and David put on such a beautiful wedding. So down-to-earth and downhome and unpretentious. They held it at the Polanise Terrace. And while the Poles aren't generally known for their exquisite taste (but those who have it, fucking have it,) the wedding made up for it in heart. And really, when it comes to a celebration of love, that's the only things that matter. Here's the beautiful, happy couple...

The next day they had a brunch for out-of-towners, which was at an authentic German beer hall. I was happy because there were plates of meat everywhere, and those were just the appetizers.

Then I stayed at a hotel called the Gershwin. It's the kind of place that sells itself on its decor, but the decor was horrendous. I have a feeling it was built by people who have no idea about taste or design or art but call things "funky." Luckily, the staff were fantastic and the location was great - right next to the equally as tacky and offensively stupid Sex Museum. Don't waste your time there. Here was my room -and my manicure, which I absolutely fell in love with. I couldn't (and can't) stop starting at it.

The weather was worse than Vancouver's pretty much the whole time I was there. That sucked. But luckily, on the last full day I was there, the rain stopped and I booted it to that big park in the middle of the city. I stumbled across a beautiful statue, called Romeo and Juliet (oh and my manicure again.)

The next morning was glorious so I got up early, hurried back to Central Park and found a statue that I've wanted to see since I was 14 and obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, after reading this book. Here it is (along with my manicure, again.)

Other highlights include: going to B EAST, which is a beautiful club thing, for some party thrown by Ryan McGinness, I believe. There were all these fancy big time artist and designer types (and Kelly Osbourne.) Unfortunately I was not prepared for such a party and felt shlepy and grumpy the whole night. But there was really fun music.

Seeing my good friend Lisa and checking out terrible comedy. We were more or less the only two people there and were heckled by the comedian on our way out.

Spending a lovely night with my friend Sam, wandering the West Village and having a good heart to heart.

So there. Glad I took the time to update things. These days I'm more prone to post things on Tumblr but I'll go back and forth till my site is finally up. Which won't be for a while. But when my exciting thingy is done in the next week or so, I'll surely let you all know. Lots to do until then. Please stay tuned.

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