Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm a Good Story

The Vancouver Observer is letting me write a column. It's gonna be weekly. Click here to read it. Follow along if you can! Also...

The first Rain City Chronicles storytelling night, which is being organized by Lizzy Karp, Karen Pinchin and myself, is happening on Tuesday, Dec. 1 at Little Mountain Studios. It is going to be amazing, to say the least. The theme is first, to honour our first event. I'm gonna try to record the night for my podcast so stay tuned.

Storytellers will include:

Paul Anthony

Lizzy Karp
Pat Kelly and Peter Oldring
Grant Lawrence
Ayma Letang
Elianna Lev
Karen Pinchin
Taz van Rassel
Linda Solomon

Featuring musical performances by:

Lisa Joyce
Jenna Rogers
Basil Waugh

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