Friday, March 13, 2009

Episode Four - The Ashley Webber Experience

To listen to episode four, click here.

Oh, well hello there. I'm really excited about this episode because I get to play some original music by an artist who I've admired for a long time. Her name is Ashley Webber.

I've known Ashley since her days as the bass player of the Organ. Since leaving the band, she's gone on to do some really amazing work with Pink Mountaintops, her twin sister's band Lightning Dust (whose song I use for the opening and closing theme to the podcast) and one of my musical obsessions, Will Oldham. (She's the lady singing on his album Lie Down in the Light.)

Ashely was sweet enough to lend me her time and let me interrogate her about her musical career, including her connection to the one and only goeteed king of under-bite rock, Chad Kroeger.

Also on this episode, we have part two to Life Left on the Road, the story we played last week about people who recycle roadkill. On this segment, the Roadkill Warrior describes an integral moment he had with a dying bear.

Oh and check out what this guy does. He writes a new short story twice a week. I certainly don't have that much drive but I sure wish I did.

is gone for a little while so the next episode likely won't be up for a few weeks. But keep listening and spread the word if you like what we're doing. And get in touch at to tell me your stories. I want to hear them.


Ben Shakey said...

Thanks for the plug!

Miranda said...

Just listened to this episode, finally. The bear story was oddly beautiful and made me ball my eyes out. It reminded me of my childhood rides along highway 5 to Kamloops. Though I never see a bear get hit, the first few years the highways was open, there were many bears on the side of the road as the local wildlife got used to the human freeway cutting through their own.