Monday, January 4, 2010

Episode 20 - The Rape Whistle Fan Club Experience!

Click here and or here to listen to Episode 20 of the People's Program Project.

Ayma and Elly here. We decided to trepidatiously launch our new project, which might be sketch comedy related. Comedy. What a word.

It's called Rape Whistle Fan Club and it's basically us doing a variety of stuff that makes us laugh and hopefully you too.

On this episode we debut the Scat Explosion, a talk show entirely inspired by Randy Bachman's CBC program Vinyl Tap. (Please click on that link. It's amazing.)

Thanks to our rowdy but enthusiastic studio audience, Karen Pinchin, Ben Frey and Cam MacLeod.

We're hoping to get on a bill for our live performance debut some time soon. We'll keep you posted via the Facebook fan page we'll inevitably create and force our friends to join.

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