Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Episode Two

To listen to episode two click here.

First off, thanks so much for listening to the first episode of the People's Program Project. I wish I could express how much it means to me and Aaron that you would spend your time listening to this collaboration. So thank you sincerely. Secondly, thanks SO SO SO much to those people who were kind enough to give me feedback. It was incredibly valuable and insightful and helpful. It means so much to me that you'd not only listen but spend time thinking about how this project could be better. Please continue to send your comments and suggestions my way:

Okay, so on the second episode, we have three stories:

Traffic Camp tells the story of a dear friend of mine and her adventures at a traffic radio station, and the devoted following it garnered.

The Most Absurd Moment Ever tells a series of stories about some of my friends' most absurd moments ever.

Numb but Alive is a piece I wrote as a final project for my writing degree in university, close to seven years (!) ago. It's about my father's experience in the war and how he became immune to the sight of death.

For the next episode, I want to hear about your most absurd moment ever, so please email me at I'll read some of the best ones on episode three.

Finally, I apologize if I sound somewhat depressed in this episode. I'm dealing with some life changing stuff right now, which I might do a piece on in the future. But I promise more pep next time.

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